LOST Setup

Default Setup with Docker

LOST provides a quick_setup script, that will configure LOST and instruct you how to start LOST. We designed this script for Linux environments, but it will also work on Windows host machines.

LOST releases are hosted on DockerHub and shipped in Containers. For a quick setup perform the following steps (these steps have been tested for Ubuntu):

  1. Install docker on your machine or server:


  2. Install docker-compose:


  3. Clone LOST:
    git clone https://github.com/l3p-cv/lost.git
  4. Install the cryptography package in your python environment:
    pip install cryptography
  5. Run quick_setup script:
    cd lost/docker/quick_setup/
    python3 quick_setup.py /path/to/install/lost --release 2.0.0

    If you want to use phpmyadmin, you can set it via argument

    python3 quick_setup.py /path/to/install/lost --release 2.0.0 --phpmyadmin
  6. Run LOST:

    Follow instructions of the quick_setup script, printed in the command line.


The quick setup script has now created the docker configuration files docker-compose.yml and .env . In the following sections, additional desired configurations usually refer to these two files.

Setup On Linux (without docker)