Advanced Setup

Nginx Configuration

LOST is shipped in docker containers. The base image inherits from an official nginx container. LOST is installed in this container. The communication to the host system is done via the nginx webserver, which can be configured via a configuration file. A differentiation is made between the debug mode and a productive environment.

Configuration File

When starting the lost container the corresponding configuration file (depending on debug mode) for nginx is copied from the repository into the folder


by the script.

Both nginx configuration files can be found at: lost/docker/lost/nginx in our GitHub repository.

Custom Configuration File

If a custom configuration file is desired, this file must be mounted from the host machine into the lost container.

    - /host/path/to/nginx/conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf

Custom Settings


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Pipeline Schedule

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Session Timeout

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  1. Worker Timeout
  2. Worker Beat

Secret Key

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Lost Frontend Port

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Lost Data

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LOST Worker

GPU Worker

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Distributed Computing

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